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Muhammad Zubair Khan Qureshi

My name is Muhammad Zubair. I’m the individual who is running since mid of August, 2016. I’ve done Graduation in Computer Science. I am looking forward to do Masters Degree in Computer Science very soon. I am currently working as a full-time employee in a Software Company. I am giving my services as a Sr. Software Engineer and/or Sr. Web Developer and a Team Lead. I am a passionate person who likes to work hard and share knowledge with people around. I believe sharing knowledge is essential for learning and building one’s own personality. I’m a blogger who love to work online and get social with people all over the world. Last but not least, I am fitness conscious person. I spare some time for my health even in my busy timeline.


I started blogging on free website hosting services including but not limited to WordPress, BlogSpot and   back in 2014, but is the first time that I’ve ever started my own personal blog. By blogging, I realized the importance of sharing and connecting with people all around the world with great ease. I always felt excited about how easily I can share my knowledge with anyone by blogging. This excitement, amazement and feeling of easy sharing of knowledge made me to start my own blog where I can write whatever knowledge I’ve in my own way.

ABOUT MY BLOG ONLINEITGEEK is a blog about sharing Computer related articles. Topics include are Programming, Website Development, Website Designing, SEO, Online Marketing, Google Webmaster Tools, Managing Domain & Hosting, Networking, Hacking and Graphic Designing. I don’t assume that I’m a perfectionist and an expert of these domains, but I assure that my blog readers will get their queries answered. I believe in, “Sharing Is Caring”, so do share my blog articles with people in your circle and help them learn.
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